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Engage In Sustainable Transformation With Repair Kopitiam - Empowering Communities Through Repair

Repair Kopitiam stands as a beacon of change in a society dominated by the Buy and Throw Away culture. We challenge the norm of discarding items with minor issues, advocating for their revival through repair. By joining our movement, you gain technical prowess and a newfound appreciation for the value of objects. Valuable life lessons such as perseverance, discipline, and patience are learned through mending.

Operating as a community repair meetup on the last Sunday of every month, Repair Kopitiam unites the public in salvaging items. From malfunctioning electronics to torn clothes and damaged furniture, designated areas become hubs of restoration. Our dedicated volunteer Repair Coaches facilitate this responsible waste disposal initiative.

Beyond these repair gatherings, Repair Kopitiam extends its impact to local communities through diverse courses and engaging activities. Get in touch with us today to discover more about these opportunities!

Powered by SL2 Impact: Fostering Change

Repair Kopitiam is more than a repair initiative; it is a sustainability movement. This endeavor is powered by SL2 Impact, the non-profit arm of Sustainable Living Lab, dedicated to driving positive change in our world.


Repair kopitiam is an initiative to bring the community together through repair so as to combat the throw away culture for a sustainable world.


We aim to equip individuals from all walks of life with repair skills to bring their items back to life!

The beginnings of Repair Kopitiam

Repair Kopitiam is an initiative founded by the Sustainable Living Lab in late 2014. Veerappan Swaminathan and Farah Sanwari, co-founders, discovered many repair tools in their makerspace, leading them to establish the initiative. They wanted to fight the growing waste problem in Singapore by getting residents to fix their broken items, such as torn garments, rickety furniture, and electrical items, instead of just throwing them away. Today, Repair Kopitiam is run by SL2 Impact, the non-profit arm of Sustainable Living Lab, with the support of hundreds of amazing volunteer Repair Coaches.

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Repair Kopitiam and Our Coaches

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